Inge Bruggerman, INK-A! Press
Inge Bruggeman, INK-A! Press

Exhibitions create a theatre of ideas. In curating over fifty exhibitions I have explored social and political content, historical and contemporary themes, and national and international trends. The best exhibitions juxtapose diverse works that relate in content, craft and structure, sparking new insights and fresh perspectives.

In one’s hands, an artist’s book holds unlimited potential as an intimate vehicle for teaching and learning. As we open to a book, we connect eyes to hands and body, stimulating a multisensory response fueled by intellect and emotion.

The intimate experience of an artist’s book also opens us to more readily consider content that may explore complicated social, cultural or political issues.

When public and private collections exhibit their works, they demonstrate their relevance to an institution’s guiding mission. An exhibition catalogue anchored by an essay asserts that collection’s significance as it identifies the cultural context for the works and the collection as a whole.

Related programming multiplies an exhibition’s impact. It may include gallery talks or lectures by a curator, instructor or exhibiting artist; a course built around the collection’s key works; or studio workshops. The artist book’s interdisciplinary character offers unlimited possibilities to broaden a collection’s audience.


Harry and Sandra Reese, Edition Reese
Harry and Sandra Reese, Edition Reese